Voluntary Medical insurance. Stomatology For Private Persons

Each person knows since the childhood that teeth always require a special attention. Improper care of them results with big esthetic problems and heavy expenses on treatment. An opportune inspection, care and sealing of damaged tooth is always a positive moment for their keeping. Therefore, the insurance policy including dental services is a [...]

What Slows Down Processes Of Positive Changes In Medical Insurance

Medical insurance of citizens is an important method of social protection of the population. However there is a variety of reasons not allowing states to use this system of organization to provide fully to the population with such protection. Namely:

-top-level programs for compulsory medical insurance do not give the chance [...]

How To Receive Health Insurance

If you are officially working person, all problems connected with obtaining and payment of a policy lay down on shoulders of your employer. You just need to fill in the established questionnaire and provide necessary information (passport data, number of registration at pension fund).

If you officially don’t work, all procedure [...]

Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 3

Continuing our talk about myths on corporate insurance we suggest to consider two of them the most widespread:

Fourth myth. Medical corporate insurance requires big efforts and big organization! Why it is necessary?

Really, if to shift all weight of registration and business management on the insurance of the [...]

Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 2

We have already considered widespread myths about corporate medical insurance, let’s continue this subject and we will disprove one more:

So, the third widespread myth: corporate medical insurance is extremely unprofitable!

Many heads of the companies think quite the same, considering that they bear enough losses in the absence [...]

Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 1

Such phenomenon as corporate medical insurance belongs to new trends in this branch. Corporations try to provide such service to employees for involvement of good experts and additional service. After all, at an identical salary the person will prefer work for the company with provides a good social package. Most often voluntary medical [...]

Adjustment Of Medical Insurance Subjects Responsibility

Adjustment of the parties-subjects of medical insurance is carried out on the basis of the insurance contract of and legally regulating this interaction.

All arising disputes are settled by means of negotiations of contract subjects and, in case of impossibility of settlement, in a judicial proceeding.

The special attention [...]

Insurers Rights And Obligations

Taking active part in system of medical insurance, the insurer has the right to:

- participate in all types of medical insurance;

- choose freely the insurance company and clinics for insurance;

- execute a full control over the implementation of conditions of the signed contract on [...]

Policy Handling Procedure

The insurance policy is valid on the territory of the country where it was concluded. However, you can apply just to those clinics which are included into obligatory medical insurance. Most often it is regional municipal hospitals. The list can be clarified by the insurer or on the site of territorial fund of [...]