Medical Policy For Employee. Basic Concepts

Existence of medical insurance policy in the countries where there is a system of compulsory health insurance is a necessary component of civil social policy. If you have no policy, you should pay to out-patient department of service for examination and treatment in full.

The compulsory health insurance policy is paid, [...]

Who Will Pay Premiums For Compulsory Health Insurance

The system of obligatory medical insurance implementation means payment of premiums on policies by employers, irrespective of kinds of companies’ activity and form of ownership. Also, natural persons will be able to pay directly the premiums. Disabled citizens will be able to receive an insurance policy at the expense of public funds.

Free Medicine Ended

After introduction of obligatory medical insurance it is worth expecting large purchases of policies by large companies for their employees, however hardly it will be followed by improvement of service quality at out-patient departments. Besides, this will lead to escape of some economic articles “in a shadow”.

On the basis of [...]

Insurers forecast for CHI

Having analyzed current situation in out-patient departments insurance companies have a number of questions concerning introduction of compulsory health insurance.

First of all, it is imperfection of mechanisms which need to be fulfilled taking into account a set of problems and not adjusted technologies of work at out-patient departments.

Minimization of CMI Cost At State Level

In the market of medicinal preparations, as well as in any other branch, there is a continuous competition between import and domestic producers. By means of input of licenses for medicines import the state sometimes tries to force people to buy production of domestic manufacturers. However experts consider that such method is not [...]

Types Of Medical Insurance

The purpose of insurance is always a desire to ensure own or relatives’ financial safety in case of illness or accident.

Medical insurance has forms of collective and individual or personal insurance.

As insurers both may act legal and natural persons. Anyway, it can be the single or package [...]

Upheavals And Problems Of VHI

Despite insurance market stagnation insurance companies nevertheless found a way to raise the insurance policies cost and it is essential increased their earnings. Such result was reached due to the involvement of employers of a vast scale who wanted to include obligatory medical insurance into the social package provided to their employees.

Obligatory Medical Insurance Introduction

We have already noticed that TV and street advertising of medicines can be seen not so frequently. The list of drugs included into obligatory sale with prescription increases. It is the first and most indicative sign of preparatory process of state medicine to transition to system of obligatory medical insurance.

As [...]

Insurance From A To Z

After a choice of insurance company in which you plan to insure your health it will be necessary to select a program of insurance. Of course it has to be optimal on content and policy price for you.

Let’s recollect that initially, while choosing insurance company, it is necessary to find [...]

Individual Medical Insurance

It is not a secret that long ago free medicine was included into an abstract concept. In other words, everybody understands that if you want to receive high-quality service, you should pay for it. At any case you should pay for analyses, drugs and reception of experts. Just mediocre consultation from a state [...]