Insurance From A To Z

After a choice of insurance company in which you plan to insure your health it will be necessary to select a program of insurance. Of course it has to be optimal on content and policy price for you.

Let’s recollect that initially, while choosing insurance company, it is necessary to find out the list of clinics with which it cooperates. Usually insurers carefully select them by reliability of such indicators as stability, quality of rendering services. However the level of clinics can affect price of the policy considerably. It happens that one insurance company simultaneously cooperates with several differing in policy price and brand of clinics.

Then we start a choice of the insurance program. It can be: basic, standard, business or so called elite.

These programs differ for insurance services content. Usually the basic insurance program includes services of emergency, outpatient appointment.

The standard program has all list of a basic insurance. Treatment at out-patient department, providing with all prescribed drugs at the expense of insurance company is included.

The elite insurance includes usually providing all services connected to disorder of health, and even such options as massage, pool and others.

Usually it is a service at the most presentable clinic. It is worth noticing that it is more than everyone can afford.

After a choice of the insurance program to you will be surely suggested to pass a medical examination, which can affect essentially the insurance cost in case of detection of acute or chronic diseases.

The insurance company is chosen, the program is stipulated, and the requirements of the insurer are fulfilled. Now the moment of signing of the contract comes.

Most often the insurer has a Draft Contract and just will add the items developed personally according to your criteria. But don’t forget to study the contract attentively. In what cases you won’t be able to use a policy as well as whom to provide it in case of insurance event.

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