Policy Handling Procedure

The insurance policy is valid on the territory of the country where it was concluded. However, you can apply just to those clinics which are included into obligatory medical insurance. Most often it is regional municipal hospitals. The list can be clarified by the insurer or on the site of territorial fund of [...]

Who Will Pay Premiums For Compulsory Health Insurance

The system of obligatory medical insurance implementation means payment of premiums on policies by employers, irrespective of kinds of companies’ activity and form of ownership. Also, natural persons will be able to pay directly the premiums. Disabled citizens will be able to receive an insurance policy at the expense of public funds.

Free Medicine Ended

After introduction of obligatory medical insurance it is worth expecting large purchases of policies by large companies for their employees, however hardly it will be followed by improvement of service quality at out-patient departments. Besides, this will lead to escape of some economic articles “in a shadow”.

On the basis of [...]