How To Receive Health Insurance

If you are officially working person, all problems connected with obtaining and payment of a policy lay down on shoulders of your employer. You just need to fill in the established questionnaire and provide necessary information (passport data, number of registration at pension fund).

If you officially don’t work, all procedure [...]

Voluntary Medical Insurance

Voluntary medical insurance is a purchase of a medical policy at the initiative of the person allowing receiving an expanded range of services on insurance at the clinics which aren’t included into the program of compulsory medical insurance.

Also, such type of insurance can include not standard items of risks peculiar [...]

Compulsory Medical Insurance

Compulsory medical insurance important aspect of social protection of citizens. It allows creating additional fund to the existing state. Thanks to it, in the state has an opportunity to increase considerably the level of provided services for all segments of the population.

The person acquires the right for outpatient consultation and [...]

What Is Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is your guarantee that in case of need for medical care or preventive actions (for example, medical examinations, vaccination or others) services will be paid at the expense of assets which are saved up for an insurance (including those made according to state program).

Medical insurance can be of [...]