Minimization of CMI Cost At State Level

In the market of medicinal preparations, as well as in any other branch, there is a continuous competition between import and domestic producers. By means of input of licenses for medicines import the state sometimes tries to force people to buy production of domestic manufacturers. However experts consider that such method is not [...]

Obligatory Medical Insurance Introduction

We have already noticed that TV and street advertising of medicines can be seen not so frequently. The list of drugs included into obligatory sale with prescription increases. It is the first and most indicative sign of preparatory process of state medicine to transition to system of obligatory medical insurance.

As [...]

To The Doctor Without Making Appointment And Queues

Who of us liked to visit the state polyclinic alone or with a baby? And even not because there is such trouble as a disease from which anywhere not to get to. You immediately imagine awful queues, sometimes not polite and competent doctors and simply it takes away a lot of time and [...]