Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 1

Such phenomenon as corporate medical insurance belongs to new trends in this branch. Corporations try to provide such service to employees for involvement of good experts and additional service. After all, at an identical salary the person will prefer work for the company with provides a good social package. Most often voluntary medical [...]

Medical Insurance for Persons Leaving Abroad

In case of trips abroad, and especially in case of trips with children, people often ponder over their safety. And that it is very important to have an opportunity if necessary to receive medical care during trip. This issue is thoroughly considered at the legislative level. After all, the state to which person [...]

Voluntary Medical Insurance

Voluntary medical insurance is a purchase of a medical policy at the initiative of the person allowing receiving an expanded range of services on insurance at the clinics which aren’t included into the program of compulsory medical insurance.

Also, such type of insurance can include not standard items of risks peculiar [...]

High Price Does Not Guarantee Quality

Interest in voluntary medical insurance is caused by that fact that treatment costs considerably exceeds the cost of the policy. So, in case of falling ill you may not worry about family budget and be sure that at the difficult moment you will have money for treatment.

Therefore, it is possible [...]

What Is Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is your guarantee that in case of need for medical care or preventive actions (for example, medical examinations, vaccination or others) services will be paid at the expense of assets which are saved up for an insurance (including those made according to state program).

Medical insurance can be of [...]