Adjustment Of Medical Insurance Subjects Responsibility

Adjustment of the parties-subjects of medical insurance is carried out on the basis of the insurance contract of and legally regulating this interaction.

All arising disputes are settled by means of negotiations of contract subjects and, in case of impossibility of settlement, in a judicial proceeding.

The special attention is paid to the article of the law “About Medical Insurance of Citizens”.

It is necessary to remember that evasion of the insurer from the contract conclusion of compulsory health insurance involves a penalty which is collected in a judicial proceeding. At that, having paid a penalty the insurer is still obliged to sign such contract.

The medical institutions which are included into obligatory medical insurance bear responsibility for quality and content of the provided services on the basis of compulsory health insurance. They have no right to refuse in services provision of health care to the holder of a policy.

The insurance company bears financial and legal responsibility on implementation of insurance contract terms for the insured person. Degree of a liability is defined by the signed insurance contract and legislation.

The insurance company can lose the license and respectively the right to conduct activities for medical insurance for the refusal to sign the contract with the addressed party when there are no any reasons.

Adjustment and protection of rights of all parties, process of medical insurance, requires the balanced actions and special organization. However very often legislature are unable to resolve issues in connection with imperfection of legislative base and even act as the inconsistent factor aggravating the dispute.

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