VMI Benefit (Voluntary Medical Insurance) of Personnel For Your Company

Heads of the large companies more than once faced with some unpleasant calculation. Namely, annual costs on payment of medical policies for employees many times exceed payments of an insurance company for them. It isn’t surprising at all otherwise insurance companies quickly would turn into bankrupts. It seems not bad like workers do not fell ill so often. However such calculations lead to situation when the employer ceases to pay the insurance company and creates own insurance. Namely, a certain reserve of means which is issued to the sick employee as financial aid in necessary amount thus without overpaying.

However there are also advantages just in purchase of insurance policies. First it is of course big discounts which clinics provide for an insurance company and respectively, the amount which the insured person can use, many times over exceeds the cost of the insurance.

The second: obligatory services of the assistant or person who is engaged in the organization of all necessary assistance.

The assistant will receive calls from all insured, and take measures for providing them the necessary and timely assistance. There are external and internal management assistants.

The higher clinic level, at which you are planning to insure the employees, the higher cost of policies and probability of the franchise necessity on services from offered clinics.

The insurance program will include points:

- polyclinic services;

- hospital;

- dentist services;

- providing with medicines;

- additional individual options

Think over a limit on each item to avoid excessive expenses.

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