Child Medical Insurance

Child medical insurance is rather interesting and important aspect of society culture. In less developed countries parents aren’t inclined to such action often just because of culture insurance development but partially and because of mistrust to insurance companies and low solvency of parents. While in the West have been accepted as a regulation long ago and nobody ponders whether it is necessary to do it.

If at the enterprise where the child’s parents work, there is a service for workers, such as the corporate insurance including the insurance workers’ children it is quite simple. However in not rich countries, this is rather unusual phenomenon.

As to insurance cost, in case of corporate insurance cost will be twice lower, than cost in case of individual child insurance.

Insurance cost strongly depends on age. The younger is the child higher policy price. The most expensive is baby insurance.

It is worth noticing that insurers don’t practice of saving on such insured clients. For example, temperature 38 is a reason to call ambulance, and in case of hospitalization for two or three days. If parents have a policy they no doubt will to go to hospital.

In case of the conclusion of child insurance agreement it is possible to choose both the standard package and expanded including such items as for example vaccination. Also, it is possible to choose the level of clinic in which you plan to be served. This moment will surely affects the cost of the policy.

You should remember also that none of insurance companies includes a number of diseases into the agreement. First of all these are congenital diseases, and also diabetes, tuberculosis, epilepsy”, HIV, hepatitis C, oncology.

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