Compulsory Medical Insurance

Compulsory medical insurance important aspect of social protection of citizens. It allows creating additional fund to the existing state. Thanks to it, in the state has an opportunity to increase considerably the level of provided services for all segments of the population.

The person acquires the right for outpatient consultation and hospitalization in clinics of health care system in case of serious diseases requiring special expensive treatment financing comes from federal budgets.

The compulsory health insurance basic program allows receiving first aid, prevention of diseases, and also an ambulance call except the specialized sanitary help.

The basic program includes medical care in case of more than hundred various diseases.

Citizens are provided ambulance services from budgetary funds, services of treatment at hospitals in case of diseases sexually transmitted, infectious diseases on skin, specific diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS, of infectious and parasitic nature, mental disorders and drug abuse.

People paying an insurance premium on polices on compulsory medical insurance are the companies employers and executive bodies of local level. Owners of enterprises with involvement of disabled people and also public organizations are exempted from such fees. Fees aren’t paid from public welfare payments, prizes, single payments, etc.

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