To The Doctor Without Making Appointment And Queues

Who of us liked to visit the state polyclinic alone or with a baby? And even not because there is such trouble as a disease from which anywhere not to get to. You immediately imagine awful queues, sometimes not polite and competent doctors and simply it takes away a lot of time and efforts.

Therefore, medical insurance policy can be a real salvation for you. Of course, everything depends on its filling. Calling a doctor, out-patient treatment, calling a modern ambulance car, planned vaccination, stomatology, sampling of analysis at home and many other things can be included into it. You may include into the policy such options, as expert opinion by phone, opening and closing of medical certificate.

Naturally It is will be a strong difference in price due to the quantity of specified items. For example, the policy with stomatology will cost 15% more than without it. And, the policy in which there is no item about calling the doctor, will entail need to issue a health certificate at the state clinic, and to close, it will be possible just using a policy. At issuing a policy it is important to consider such details as age of the insured person, predisposition to diseases.

Of course, just for these reasons, the policy won’t have a fixed cost. But, that fact that a certain cost will be invariable for you, even after increase in prices for medical insurance at the company (and it is worth to sat that such fluctuations happen once a quarter) or in case of change of your health to a negative side can be considered as positive.

If you have a child till three years old, it is worth purchasing for him a policy which will provide you such services as “personal pediatrician”, consultation and calling him home will be possible at any time.

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