Medical Insurance Of Employees

It is not a secret that profits of production directly depend on health of employees. Opportune control and passing preventive procedures as much as possible reduce risks of occupational diseases and industrial injuries.

In many developed countries medical insurance became obligatory long ago. However, even there health insurance is beyond their means. Therefore corporate insurance of company staff is usual practice for serious employers. In smaller companies, such insurance occurs at the expense of company or company voluntary – compulsorily makes cost deductions of from worker’s salary or these expenses are halved. Companies interested to attract a high-quality personnel always offer complete free protection for employees. As especially important argument the insurance with stomatology service can serve. In announcements of employment such protection is exposed as an important additional bonus.

Anyway the health insurance is first of all is a protection of employees at the critical moment, and also covering of all expenses which they or the employer may have a disease happens. Consultations at professional doctors are important for more productive result of treatment. The insurance can cover both the cost of analyses, passing of the preventive procedures by employees connected for example with occupational hazard. The employer can always be sure that received results of medical examinations “will be not for show” that often happens at modern public clinic when passing medical examinations. So, he can be confident in healthy personnel.

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