Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 3

Continuing our talk about myths on corporate insurance we suggest to consider two of them the most widespread:

Fourth myth. Medical corporate insurance requires big efforts and big organization! Why it is necessary?

Really, if to shift all weight of registration and business management on the insurance of the whole corporation onto the accountant or the employee who will combine it with the main work, results will be regrettable, and most likely he will be just unable to cope with it.

However, it is worth remembering about the broker services, which will undertake all organization of process, and will allow repeatedly “to save for salary” having picked up profitable and optimum insurance programs and having provided the optimum mode of interaction of all participants of the process.

Fifth myth. Corporate medical insurance is very young at our market. You shouldn’t be “guinea pig”, it is better to wait and look as this segment will work.

Yes, it is true, corporate medical insurance is a new segment of the insurance market. However it is necessary to take into account and that it proved to be as more than the successful project. The number of companies involved to medical insurance of the employees grows for 15-20% every year. It is more than a high rate!

Such type of insurance considerably raises the status and level of the company, allows to attract highly-skilled employees and even to save on the costs connected with incidence among employees of corporation.

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