Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 1

Such phenomenon as corporate medical insurance belongs to new trends in this branch. Corporations try to provide such service to employees for involvement of good experts and additional service. After all, at an identical salary the person will prefer work for the company with provides a good social package. Most often voluntary medical insurance and life insurance is used. At the same time many companies still avoid such steps. It is worth understanding why.

It is quite simple. There are many myths and opinions in the society:

Myth number one. Costs of corporate insurance are too high. As the alternative: to allocate more funds for salary in order the employee by himself would issue the insurance.

This myth is a most widespread. Let’s just calculate. The average policy cost of medical insurance amounts about 300 dollars a year, accident insurance – 70 dollars a year. At that, options are possible and they are twice cheaper.

Statistically, the companies preferring salary increase to a policy usually do it on 10 dollars a month. It is enough to buy the insurance? I think, no. But the care which you show for employees will surely be reflected in productivity of their work.

Plus corporate insurance of employees will allow receiving the preferential taxation and including into expenditure part of the enterprise.

Myth number two: corporate insurance is just for big companies.

Many people consider that only big companies the number of which is measured by hundreds can issue corporate insurance. However it is worth knowing that the number of the insured people can start from five people. To find such company is rather difficult but if to apply to services of the broker (by the way, it is free), it is possible enough just to solve this problem.

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