Five Myths About Corporate Medical Insurance. Part 2

We have already considered widespread myths about corporate medical insurance, let’s continue this subject and we will disprove one more:

So, the third widespread myth: corporate medical insurance is extremely unprofitable!

Many heads of the companies think quite the same, considering that they bear enough losses in the absence of the employee on a workplace. No need to pay for his treatment. But perhaps it is worth considering this question from the other hand.

First, selecting clinic in which your employees will be insured, you most likely will choose one close to your office or enterprise, thereby reduce time out of work of the person in case of the examinations and diseases which are not requiring a bed care or hospitalization.

Secondly, vaccination against flu and other widespread diseases most often forcing the worker to take the sick-list is a part of the system insurance. In this case you protect your business from mass absence of sick employees in case of epidemics.

Thirdly, you will be able to carry out real medical examinations in compulsory but made to appear voluntary order, thereby having secured yourself against concealment of the facts of various diseases by employees, and also acceptance of additional measures in case of identification of facts of harming health owing to bad working conditions.

Fourthly, the insurance company takes the responsibility for the risks connected with receipt of injuries on production, thus protecting you from the moral and financial responsibility in case if such case occurs.

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