Free Medicine Ended

After introduction of obligatory medical insurance it is worth expecting large purchases of policies by large companies for their employees, however hardly it will be followed by improvement of service quality at out-patient departments. Besides, this will lead to escape of some economic articles “in a shadow”.

On the basis of such assumptions the social project is developed which allows to receiving a free medical care at the European level. Such system is based on creation of three-level insurance which will consist of obligatory medical insurance, voluntary medical insurance and accumulative insurance of risks of health and life.

To the first look (compulsory health insurance) it is planned to attract all capable population, including the business owners and businessmen -farmers. The second and third kind will be supported by the first, but on a voluntary basis.

“The fund of medical insurance” will become an obligatory link in this system. It will carry out accumulative and distributive function. Citizens will receive the minimum package of services on treatment and recovery of health from system of compulsory health insurance, and also full or partial compensation under the article of “the lost earnings”. There will be a payment to the disabled people, who were injured on production, or to their families because of loss of breadwinner. The social help, etc. will be charged.

The second obligation of this fund will be accumulative. It means accumulation of insurance premiums on its accounts which will be used for lifelong payment under contracts of accumulative insurance.

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