Policy Handling Procedure

The insurance policy is valid on the territory of the country where it was concluded. However, you can apply just to those clinics which are included into obligatory medical insurance. Most often it is regional municipal hospitals. The list can be clarified by the insurer or on the site of territorial fund of medical insurance.

The policy of compulsory health insurance can be issued to the citizens, persons who don’t have a citizenship, who are legally in the territory of other state and working at the basis of the employment contract.

At cancellation of the employment contract with the employer, insured it is obliged to return a compulsory health insurance policy.

For policies issuing it is necessary to register the enterprise in federal service of obligatory medical insurance. For this purpose the following documents will be necessary for you:

- businessman or legal entity registration certificate

-  registration certificate from the tax inspection

- charter of the enterprise

- contract on creation of society

- the decision of council of shareholders or the founder (founders) about establishment of society and appointment of the director

- letter with information, about that statement on the account in the unified state register.

After submission of all above-mentioned documents, the employer receives the information carrier with a special program allowing stuff formation and record of employees who will be insured.

Then the electron list is transferred to insurance company for policies issuing. Information about employees is transferred including documents on paper. Handling procedure in the insurance company depends on its internal regulations.

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