Individual Medical Insurance

It is not a secret that long ago free medicine was included into an abstract concept. In other words, everybody understands that if you want to receive high-quality service, you should pay for it. At any case you should pay for analyses, drugs and reception of experts. Just mediocre consultation from a state doctor free of charge can usually be offered. In such conditions acquisition of an insurance policy doesn’t seem senseless money expenditure.

The trust to insurance companies is rather strongly undermined in other segments of this market. But it is possible to recognize that just medical insurance has a reputation of reliable one.

For insurance company providing VMI service, there is a big problem that all people sooner or later fell ill but the cost of insurance remains the same. At that, prices for medicines and medical services constantly grow. Therefore, this kind is often more indicative than the profitable insurance field and as the statistics shows, is more referred to corporate services industry.

To be insured personally rather small part of the population is ready. Generally these are people already having problems with health or such policy is got for little children.

Of course, insurers oblige their applicants previously to pass examination, and at special cases of concern, even the genetic analysis on DNA. As it is frequent the insurance is tried to be bought to treat chronic diseases. Yes! Insurance companies beware of such cases from which they are almost not protected. And not to incur losses they sell such policy just to those who is already insured by same company on other segments of insurance risks.

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