Insurers forecast for CHI

Having analyzed current situation in out-patient departments insurance companies have a number of questions concerning introduction of compulsory health insurance.

First of all, it is imperfection of mechanisms which need to be fulfilled taking into account a set of problems and not adjusted technologies of work at out-patient departments.

Namely: to carry out compensation by insurance policy, in the document issued by medical institution all list of examinations and necessary diagnostic inspection and treatment has to be clearly registered. But long time ago the salary of medical stuff compelled them to look for “side job” not by absolutely usual methods. Secretly it is considered normal to prescribe expensive analyses and drugs, additional and sometimes not necessary for treatment, for the purpose of receiving profit from pharmaceutical agencies, laboratories on sampling of analyses, private diagnostic centers, etc. Whether their salary will be increased for the purpose of providing a normal standard of living of medical stuff without use of various schemes of additional earnings? Whether they will be ready to refuse from this practice?

In a case with insurance the insurer will have questions concerning the need of services for which he should pay. Therefore, series of claims and judicial proceedings will start regarding issue whether insurance companies have to cover these expenses.

Second aspect: what clinic the patient has to be sent to? After all everybody wants just a certain good clinic. And, respectively, all money will go to it, or there will be a uniform distribution of funds?

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