What Is Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is your guarantee that in case of need for medical care or preventive actions (for example, medical examinations, vaccination or others) services will be paid at the expense of assets which are saved up for an insurance (including those made according to state program).

Medical insurance can be of 2 types: obligatory and voluntary.

Compulsory medical insurance guarantees to all citizens getting medical care within the amounts provided by the state and territorial program.

Voluntary medical insurance implies an independent choice of an insurance company with the individual program of payment and payments in case of an insured event. It can be narrow or expanded.

It is worth noticing that the state watches accomplishment of insurance bonds by such companies. Unreasonable refusal in payment for insured event can entail deprivation of the license for provision of insurance services.

The basic program of medical care includes: the ambulance in case of the sharp diseases or injuries menacing to your life is covered by treatment cost in out-patient clinic and at home, implementation of preventive vaccination and medical examination.

Stomatology, medicinal and treatment at a hospital are included into additional package of services.

All types of fast and stationary medical care in sharp stages are made free of charge for public funds and means of regions of the corresponding territories irrespective of your registration.

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