Medical Policy For Employee. Basic Concepts

Existence of medical insurance policy in the countries where there is a system of compulsory health insurance is a necessary component of civil social policy. If you have no policy, you should pay to out-patient department of service for examination and treatment in full.

The compulsory health insurance policy is paid, as a rule, by the employer. Such situation is fixed at the legislative level. That is, medical insurance of employees is a mandatory condition of person’s acceptance for work. Transfer of premiums in accordance with the established procedure to the fund of social protection is also the employer’s duty.

The law on obligatory medical insurance establishes the following order of relationship and defines its participants, as:

Insurers are the natural and legal entities acting as payers of insurance premiums.

Medical insurance companies are legal entities who carry out insurance activity on the basis of the state license.

Executors are medical institutions, clinics, research centers, laboratories which are carrying out function of medical care execution working on the basis of state license.

Insured persons are the employees of the enterprises.

The enterprise which is carrying out insurance of employees has the right for its discretion to choose insurance company.

The insurance company prepares a package of policies for every insured person. Each policy has the individual number. At the appeal to medical institution for receiving services the insured person is obliged to report number of his insurance policy.

The insurance policy is valid on the whole territory of the country where it was concluded.

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