Minimization of CMI Cost At State Level

In the market of medicinal preparations, as well as in any other branch, there is a continuous competition between import and domestic producers. By means of input of licenses for medicines import the state sometimes tries to force people to buy production of domestic manufacturers. However experts consider that such method is not of a market type and frames larger inconveniences for people needing import drugs.

Introduction of a reimbursement or partial compensation method of cost from agents of the local budget will be much more effective and painless remedy for adjustment of demand for domestic or state medicines.

If to consider the constructed import drugs system it is possible to see that the majority of them is imported and bought not because of mistrust to local manufacturers but because of absence of analogs capable to substitute an imported medicine. Therefore, as a result of licensing there is a deficiency and panic on drugs necessary for people and consequently, the absence of treatment when it is necessary.

Present prescription system by the “medical name” but not according to the name of a trademark also well stimulates choice of the person for more available domestic drugs.

Currently the system of a reimbursement is successfully implemented in our life. The reimburse prices of wide range of most demanded drugs are already implemented. Thanks to it their sale is made with minimum margin and makes them available for consumers.

Such system can also reduce the price of medical insurance policies. However, there is a risk that cost of state compulsory health insurance policy will be calculated proceed from calculation of a minimum of medicines quantity. At the same time, cost of compensation will be equal to the maximum charging.

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