Obligatory Medical Insurance Introduction

We have already noticed that TV and street advertising of medicines can be seen not so frequently. The list of drugs included into obligatory sale with prescription increases. It is the first and most indicative sign of preparatory process of state medicine to transition to system of obligatory medical insurance.

As a part of payments for medical insurance polices 70% belong to medicines therefore this segment is conferred such attention. Gradual transition to drugs sale according to the prescription will inoculate the culture of treatment, and exclude self-treatment.

Besides, tendency of withdrawal from drugstores of originals of medicines and emergence of their substitutes is observed that significantly reduces the cost of a consumer basket. And it is directly will affect the cost of obligatory medical insurance policy.

However there is a danger of schemes emergence of not lawful obtaining the prescription and resale with overprice. But, this complexity will be easily eliminated by means of introduction of compulsory health insurance as the process of treatment will be fixed.

It is worth remembering that some time ago claims for a subject of excessive weight, the catarrhal and anesthetizing medicines were forbidden. Also the law which forbade sale of medicines to the persons, who didn’t reach 16 years, was developed. Currently advertising only of OTC medicines is allowed.

Drawing a conclusion about above mentioned tendencies and on the basis of universal practice, it is possible to assume that the obligatory medical insurance will be introduced in the nearest future.

What exactly it will this achieve? First of all, due to injection of additional financing there will be an opportunity to increase quality of provided services. It will allow creating necessary reserves for worthy payment to medical stuff at state clinics that will reduce outflow of specialists of the highest category. It will provide support of not protected segments of population.

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