Who Will Pay Premiums For Compulsory Health Insurance

The system of obligatory medical insurance implementation means payment of premiums on policies by employers, irrespective of kinds of companies’ activity and form of ownership. Also, natural persons will be able to pay directly the premiums. Disabled citizens will be able to receive an insurance policy at the expense of public funds.

After introduction of system of compulsory health insurance and specialized fund of medical insurance all other funds existing at the moment will be cancelled.

This system completely will replace the system of social insurance currently existing. Evasion from payment of these premiums by anybody, not provided by legislation, is not allowed.

At the expense financing grow a significant improvement of services of medical branch is planned. However control of target use of funds remains beyond the scope of the legislation. Insurance companies reasonably assume that financing will not reach clinics as it often occurs in the existing state system.

It is connected with absence in the bill of obligatory insurance program contents, and therefore, there is no system and governed management of financial flow.

It gives a reason to be afraid that consumers simply will not receive the declared services in compulsory health insurance and besides will be compelled to pay extra charge for the insurance which is not specified in the package for services. In other words, a free medicine will be limited to the minimum package of services, the rest will become paid.

On the basis above mentioned arguments, insurance companies consider impossible the introduction of such system currently. At first it is necessary to carry out many reforms of medical institutions aimed on improvement of work, creation of legislative base of the uniform price policy regulating relationship of all parties, creations, standardization of services, rights and duties of all process participants and a lot of other things.

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