What Slows Down Processes Of Positive Changes In Medical Insurance

Medical insurance of citizens is an important method of social protection of the population. However there is a variety of reasons not allowing states to use this system of organization to provide fully to the population with such protection. Namely:

-top-level programs for compulsory medical insurance do not give the chance to all citizens at the equal level to receive the help guaranteed by the law. It is connected with impossibility of ensuring fulfillment of law requirements in the amount declared at the national level.

-Lack of the state support on the way of implementation of developed projects.

-Lack of the balanced pricing policy that results in non-correspondence of  insurance policy cost according to the program with the real cost of services at the local level.

-Absence of necessary quantity of the territorial offices organizing work of compulsory medical insurance system.

Thereby process often not simply becomes complicated, and there are impossible for partly implementation of services, payments for polices and their registration.

-Abuse of authority by employees at various level participating in process. Frequent cases of not accomplishment of direct obligations by employees of this brunch lead to emergence of corruption schemes.

-Availability of standard rules developed at the national level which cannot be applied for a number of objective reasons on place, however based on adopted laws obligatory to execution.

-Lack of working insurance system and provision of possibility of tax privileges receipt for the entities and companies applying voluntary system of insurance to employees.

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