How To Receive Health Insurance

If you are officially working person, all problems connected with obtaining and payment of a policy lay down on shoulders of your employer. You just need to fill in the established questionnaire and provide necessary information (passport data, number of registration at pension fund).

If you officially don’t work, all procedure with registration and payment of compulsory medical insurance policy will be directly performed by you. You should visit insurance company for constantly or temporarily unemployed citizens. It is necessary to have passport, employment history and your insurance certificate granted by a pension fund. After submission of all documents the employee of insurance company begins registration of your insurance policy.

For receipt of voluntary medical insurance policy it is necessary to address to the insurance company chosen by you. In case of registration of such insurance you will have a possibility of clinic choice and insurance volume on your discretion. Documents which will be necessary for you for registration of VHI are similar to the list of compulsory health insurance registration.

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