Insurers Rights And Obligations

Taking active part in system of medical insurance, the insurer has the right to:

- participate in all types of medical insurance;

- choose freely the insurance company and clinics for insurance;

- execute a full control over the implementation of conditions of the signed contract on medical insurance and to claim damages according to the system provided by the law;

- demand to return part of insurance premiums, on voluntary medical insurance in case of a breakup of the relations with insurance company on the basis of the signed contract.

The employer who insured the employees according to system of compulsory health insurance or VHI has the right to:

- reduce fees on policies by the discretion at the constant level of morbidity level of employees for three years.

- use funds from profit according to the voluntary decision to execute voluntary medical insurance.

The insurer is obliged to:

- sign the contract on compulsory health insurance with insurance company;

- bring opportunely premiums of insurance company under the contract of insurance;

- watch and organize system of employees’ protection against influence of factors capable to do harm to health at the enterprise;

-take opportune measures for elimination or maximum reduction of the working conditions which are harmfully affecting on health of the employee;

- provide the insurance company with opportune information to on health level of the insured personnel.

Such information is based on indications of periodical surveys of medical examination, and number of health certificates on different diseases, and other sources.

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