Upheavals And Problems Of VHI

Despite insurance market stagnation insurance companies nevertheless found a way to raise the insurance policies cost and it is essential increased their earnings. Such result was reached due to the involvement of employers of a vast scale who wanted to include obligatory medical insurance into the social package provided to their employees.

Last year insurance cost grew more than by 15 percent that quite covers inflation on drugs and medical care. However such gain in cost not strongly frightens insurers as the main players on this arena are the enterprises with foreign capital.

Our companies seldom, but nevertheless started including VMI into practice of social protection of workers. Absence of big desire in this field is directly connected to system of taxation. Namely: policies of VMI can be got only from net profit of the enterprise that is previously having paid income tax. Also, this purchase has to be included into a salary segment, so from this sum income tax is additionally withdrawn.

Concurrently insurance companies continuously work on system of improvement of this insurance type as often such programs are unprofitable. Payments for polices often exceed the sum of the insurer bonus. It is also connected to the need of maintenance of numerous staff of employees-administrators, medical assistants, payments of bonuses and commission charges to partners, agents, covering of risks, rent of rooms and many others.

Therefore, it caused a proper response from insurers on reduction and optimization of expenses, involvement of loyal partners and clinics.

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