Voluntary Medical insurance. Stomatology For Private Persons

Each person knows since the childhood that teeth always require a special attention. Improper care of them results with big esthetic problems and heavy expenses on treatment. An opportune inspection, care and sealing of damaged tooth is always a positive moment for their keeping. Therefore, the insurance policy including dental services is a huge benefit.

Different clinics offer a large number of insurance programs on dental services. They can include minimum package or be rather expensive, taking into account prosthetics.

Having the minimum package you will be able to use such services as inspection of an oral cavity, change of old seals with the cosmetic purpose (up to 3 pieces), sealing of channels with use of pins, periodic cleaning with special technology, treatment, bandages, applications and many other services.

More expensive policies will give a possibility of prosthetics and serious operations of this medical brunch.

Let’s recollect what sum did you spent the last time at the dental clinic? So, the benefit from such insurance is obvious.

Official procedure of such policy is not so complicated. First the specialists of insurance company help you to choose the clinic answering to your requests and opportunities. Then the optimum insurance program is selected. You do payment and the insurer starts the policy action.

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