Voluntary Medical Insurance

Voluntary medical insurance is a purchase of a medical policy at the initiative of the person allowing receiving an expanded range of services on insurance at the clinics which aren’t included into the program of compulsory medical insurance.

Also, such type of insurance can include not standard items of risks peculiar to the specific person.

Such type of insurance in any way isn’t controlled by state bodies. Such insurance can include items on risks of the disease, rehabilitation after illness, loss of income in connection with impossibility to work, care of the sick trained personnel, disability, etc.

For example, such item as “compensation of labor earnings loss” you will never find in a policy of compulsory medical insurance. However, it is rather important item, especially if the illness is continuous. The person loses possibility to earn for long term, and, therefore, payments for treatment and accommodation. Based on the agreement signed by you one-time or monthly payment in previously stipulated amount is made.

Also, voluntary insurance is very claimed in case of a trip abroad. As many countries simply won’t let in you in without such insurance. But the most important in such insurance policy is that it will allow you to use if necessary services of clinics of the country which you plan to visit. And to receive rather specific services, such, for example, as transportation to the country of accommodation in specially adapted vehicles with maintenance.

The policy of voluntary medical insurance is popular among travelers, athletes as an individual or group insurance.

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